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Held by
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Chairman Christine Vince (KERNO)

01935 863429

Administrative Secretary Katy Dyer (BOK) [email protected]

0117 968 4173

Fixtures Secretary

Richard Sansbury (QO)

[email protected]

01823 288405

Treasurer and Membership Secretary Mark Lockett (KERNO) [email protected]
01626 830213

The SWOA Committee:

Dick Keighley, WIM,

Nicholas Maxwell, DEVON,

Jeff Butt, SARUM;

Erik Peckett, DEVON;

E-mail Address
Phone Number
Coaching Christine Vince [email protected]
01935 863429
Galoppen League Spencer Modica [email protected]
07711 797123
Recorder of Controllers Arthur Vince [email protected]
01935 863429
SWOA Junior Squad Jeff Butt [email protected]
01725 51054

SWOA is represented at national level on British Orienteering Committees and Groups:

Committee or Group
Fixtures Group Richard Sansbury, QO
Map Group Bill Brown, WSX
Trail-O Committee Dick Keighley, WIM

Controllers are the officials appointed to make sure that events are fair and comply with BOF Rules and Guidelines, and may be best be thought of as technical advisers and quality controllers. Their appointment is governed by BOF rules detailing the experience necessary. There are three grades:

Grade A for controlling events at the highest level, such as British Championships.
Grade B for controlling events at Level B.
Grade C for controlling events at Level C, such as SWOA Galoppens.
Grade B and C controllers are recommended by their club and appointed by their regional association. Grade A controllers are recommended by their regional association and appointed at national level; they are orienteers with considerable experience as competitors, organisers, planners and controllers.

All enquiries about appointments of controllers in SWOA should be made to the Recorder of Controllers.

A list of all controllers in SWOA can be found here

One member of SWOA is on the British Orienteering Board of Directors.

    David Maliphant of BOK

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