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Open clubs tend to be the largest and most popular clubs due to the lack of restriction on membership. Usually, an open club serves the orienteering needs of a particular geographic community (e.g. Bristol Orienteering Klub). Orienteers are restricted to membership of one open club only. However if their circumstances permit,they are also able to join a closed membership club. For example a student may belong to an open club and their University club simultaneously.

The following open membership clubs exist in the SWOA region:

Club Name Abbreviations Secretary
Bristol Orienteering Klub
Chris Johnson
Devon Orienteering Club
Rob Parkinson
Cornwall Orienteering Club
Adele Newall
North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club
Caroline Craig
North Wiltshire Orienteers
Doug Stimson
Quantock Orienteers
Rosie Wych
Sarum Orienteering Club
Joan Hambleton
Wessex Orienteering Club
Alan Hooper
Wimborne Orienteers
Philip Harvey

Closed membership clubs restrict themselves to the orienteering needs of a specific institution (for example a University) and does not accept outside membership. A University student might belong to both their University 'closed club' and their local community 'open club' at the same time. This allows them to benefit from the activities of both clubs. They can compete for their University in competitions arranged with other educational institutions, without being barred from competing for their 'open club' in other team competitions.

The following closed membership clubs exist in the SWOA region:

Club Name Abbreviations Secretary
Royal Marines OC
Meg Ashton
University of Bristol OC
Abigail Kerr

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