South West Orienteering Association


Welcome to the South West Orienteering Association website.  SWOA is one of the 12 regional associations of British Orienteering (BOF), covering Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, and Wiltshire.

The website contents include:
Email contacts for officials and clubs.
Links to lists of  events, both in the South West and covering the whole country.
Documents relating to the management of the sport in the South West.
Results and rules for SWOA competitions.
Links to websites of interest.
Information about the clubs in the region can be found on their websites, to which links are provided.
Comprehensive information about the sport of orienteering can be found on the BOF website, to which a link is provided.

If you want to have something posted on the website, please contact the SWOA Secretary.

If you find a fault with the functioning of this website, please email the Website Manager, Nath Fernandes: [email protected].


1. Minutes of SWOA Committee meeting 08/09/2016 are available here.

2. New document describing the  ‘Appointment of officials for Level B and A events by SWOA’ is available here.

27/09/16 - September edition of SINS available.

23/09/16 - The Galoppen League events for 2016-2017 are on the website here and are also shown in the  ’Galoppen League’ section on the SWOA website.

14/09/16 - Overall Relay results for 2016 available.

13/09/16 - SWOA Guidelines for Event Safety Workshop tutor appointment and Workshop administration. A Guide has been written in consultation with tutors and others to assist clubs in the appointment of Event Safety Workshop tutors and the administration of the Workshop. Please find the guide here and in the Documents section of the website.

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